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Oral Hygiene

We care a lot about our patients oral health and here are some useful tips:

Brushing Correct brushing is vital. For outside surfaces place the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle and move in a circular motion where your gums meet your teeth. For inside surfaces use the brush vertically to do gentle back and forth strokes for each tooth.For the biting surfaces move the brush and stroke as necessary to clean all surfaces.

Flossing Very effective the the places your toothbrush can’t reach. Use a piece of floss about 18’’ long wrapped around the thumb and forefinger of each hand to gently floss in between the surfaces of both teeth using new sections of floss to avoid transmitting plaque from tooth to tooth.

Oral Hygiene Products Consult with your dentist to see which variety of ADA (American Dental Association) approved products are best for maintaining your oral health.

Professional Cleaning Correct daily brushing and flossing minimize dental calculus but professional cleanings should occur at least every 6 months to maintain dental health.

Sensitive Teeth If teeth remain sensitive after treatment your dentist may recommend medicated toothpaste of mouth rinse to help with the sensitivity.

*Make sure to rinse after brushing and flossing to remove any loosened plaque.

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